Waste Tyre Disposal Specialists

      We specialise in responsible tyre disposal and recycling. We reprocess car, truck, agricultural and earthmover tyres.      

Southern Tyre Recycling Ltd  was founded in 2012. We are a leading tyre recycling company covering a large area over Southern and Eastern Ireland, but we would be more than happy to discuss your requirements anywhere in the Republic 

Our services include:

  • Waste Tyre Collections / Site Clearances - From 20 - 20,000 tyres of all different types.
  • Supply of Tyre Products - From  bales (blocks) for civil engineering projects such as landfill lining and road banking.


Southern Tyre recycling has a full Waste Licence issued by the Environment Agency in respect of our purpose-built site in Cork. We provide our customers with all necessary Duty of Care documentation for every collection of waste and a full audit trail for all ensuing processes.

Collection Service

We have a fleet of collection vehicles allowing us to efficiently pick up a wide variety of tyre types and quantities from 20 - 20,000 tyres.

To learn more about our collection services please call our office today on (021) 422 0012

Which option suits you?


  • Pick up service: If you have a small amount of waste tyres, then this is the best option. 
  • Southern Tyre Recycling trucks will collect the scrap tyres from your facility on a once-off or regular basis.
  • Facility drop off service: Our facility is open to the public so this is a good option if you live locally and are able to deliver scrap tyres at your convenience.
  • Clean up contractor: We also offer site clean-up services. With our large fleet of trucks , we can offer several clean up options for your site.
  • Waste tyre consulting services: Southern Tyre Recycling are happy to offer consulting services on any aspect of the scrap tyre recycling industry. We have been in the scrap tyre recycling industry for 10 years. Our business has grown and thrived on the ability to educate ourselves and our customers on industry standards and trends. We are very active on the legislative and regulation front, working to create standards that allow private business to prosper while keeping environmental standards a priority.
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